C01c Computer Controller Instruction



Main functions

ABackground light

(1)Press the key of power, the panel is set up an electric circuit and worked, the total power indicator lamp shows. If possess light function of the background, the background light is on.

BFunction of the overhead light

The overhead light has seven-changing colors and white light mix color function, adopting 40 high light and blue, red, green, white LED makes up, there are energy-conserving characteristics.

Press the key switch of overhead light, the indicator lamp of overhead light shows, seven color lamps of circulation work, and then according to changing color, until turning it into to the white light, and then according to closing the overhead light, quit work, with this circulation.

CFunction of the radio

This radio reception adopts the electricity to adjust the form, is controlled electronic volume to regulate by the digital circuit.

1. Press radio reception key ,  turn on the power , volume is in the minimum volume at this moment, can press volume-increasing  key and volume- reducing  key , regulate it to best volume.

2.Press TUN key, the radio begins to search for frequency from 88-108MHZ, stops automatically after searching out one, if continuing searching for forward. Search for after 108MHZ to stop, press REST key and repeat again.

3. Electric consumption can work glimmerly, according to the level of volume. Volume heavy, level high , volume little , low level .

DVentilation function of the fan

Press ventilating-functional key, the indicator lamp of the fan is on, begin to ventilate, and then according to stopping.

Ethe function of telephone answer

When wanted on the phone, can answer a call by pressing the  telephone-answer key . while pressing the telephone ,the radio is working at this moment ,it  will switch over  to the function of the telephone automatically , stop radio reception, after hanging up, several seconds later , will resume radio reception automatically

Troubleshooting of the panels functions




























Analytical table of the trouble

Trouble clssifications


Checking  steps

All functions can't be started

The power is obstructed

1.Check the power

2.Four  connections become flexible

3.The circuit board burns out

The light is not shiny

1.The button is bad

2.The light is out of order

3.It is loose to connect

1.The indicator lamp is bright then the electric apparatus burns out

2.The indicator lamp is not bright, check the  connections

The fan does not work

1.the key is out of work

2.The fan is out of order

3.It is loose to connect

4.It is reverse to connect

1. indicator lamps is bright, 8050 is burn out

2.The indicator lamp is not bright, check the reason

It is few in radio reception that the radio has noises

1.The aerial unlocking

2.The direction of the aerial is not straight

3.The radio reception signal is weak

1.Regulate the aerial

2.When the signal is weak in some  areas, You should draw the aerial to the spacious or proper position outdoors

The radio has no sound

1.The radio is out of order

2.It is loose to connect

1.Check the radio line piecing

2.Check whether have already adjusted it to supreme frequency, to low frequency by pressing the REST , search  again.

The telephone can't be answered

1.The telephone wire has not been put through

2.There is no signal

3.The circuit is bad

1.Check the telephone wire

2.Check the signal

3.Check the controller